House Special Rice

Prawn Fried Rice

Kathmandu MoMo House & Bar is established with a desire to bring authentic Nepalese cuisine to the heart of the Gold Coast, we have now opened just across the popular Surfers Paradise Beach.

Fired Rice is a popular component of East, Southeast and most South Asian cuisines. Chicken Fried Rice is an economical hodgepodge as fried rice is usually cooked with leftover dishes. Thus, there are countless variations and possibilities are limitless. There are some popular varieties of fried rice in Asia. For example, in Greater China, the most famous varieties include Yangzhou Fried rice and Hokkien fried rice. There is a Korean Chinese version of fried rice called bokkeun-bap. In Nepali, fried rice is referred to as “bhuteyko bhat.” Outside Asia, there are other variation of fried rice like Cuban arroz frito and Puerto Rican arroz momposteao. In most culture that uses rice, there is one or the other kind of variations of fried rice.